Introduction to Python - AkuCode

    Python is a multipurpose interpretive programming language. Unlike other languages that are difficult to read and understand, Python emphasizes the readability of the code to make it easier to understand syntax. This makes Python very easy to learn both for beginners and for those who have mastered other programming languages.
    This language appeared first in 1991, designed by a named Guido van Rossum. Until now Python is still being developed by Python Software Foundation. The Python language supports almost all operating systems, even for Linux operating systems, almost all of the distributions already include Python in it.
    With simple and easy-to-implement code, a programmer can better prioritize the development of applications created instead of being busy looking for syntax errors.

print("Python Very Simple")

    Just by writing the print code like the one above, you can already print whatever you want inside the brackets (). At the end of the code, you don't have to end up with a semicolone sign ;
    Python is a popular programming language and is widely used by Data Analysts, Data Scientists and the Software Engineers to run the process of building an application and to dig deeper into machine learning. Companies like Google, spaceX and Instagram need it to clean up data, build predictions, model for AI, web App, and much more. Here are a few things built from Python and you've been feeling in everyday life:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AI or commonly called artificial intelligence is the main spear of AI. An example is when a businessman needs an automated chat to answer questions from his costumer. For this, programmers can use Python to identify incoming emails and their answers and then visualize the answers desired by the businessman and design the desired answer predictions. Python can also be used to predict the answer model through the Chatbot app for faster response responsiveness.

Web applications

    Python is an important part of some of the most visited websites of the century such as Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube. The fact that Pinterest already uses Python from the start of the web was built. That's why bookmarking by this web page is so structured and easy to set up.

Special Effect On Hollywood

    Do you remember scenes of explosions in action movies? There are many companies engaged in cinema such as Lucasfilm which uses Python as a special effect. Using Python film companies can save a lot of time in making the effect. Using Python in predicting the possibilities that occur in a business is indispensable for this age.

What it can do with python

    Before you learn python, you need to know what you can do with this programming language. Here are a few things you can do using Python:

  • Python can be one of the programming languages to build the server when you create a website.
  • When you need a process of prototyping or manufacturing ready-to-production software, Python you can count on.
  • Python can be used to create workflows in software development.
  • Python is used to read and modify a file in the development of a database system
  • Python allows you to handle big data and run complex mathematical processing

Benefits of Learning Python

    Although there are a lot of programming languages out there, however I recommend you to learn Python. Of course there are also some advantages that you need to know. When compared to other programming languages, here are the excess Python programming languages:
  • Python has a simple syntax that is more similar to English.
  • Python can run on a wide range of operating systems
  • Python runs inside the interpreter system, meaning that the language of this programming language code will be executed immediately after it is written
  • Python can be treated in a procedural, object-oriented way or functional way
  • Python has a syntax that allows developers to write programs in a concise manner rather than other programming languages.