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            Kotlin did you guys have heard of Kotlin before? Maybe for some people Kotlin is a word that is so unfamiliar. Kotlin itself is a modern programming language derived from the completion of the Java programming language for Android application development, Kotlin itself is statically-typed which can be on the road above the Java Virtual Machine Platform or commonly called the JVM.

Initially, Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA. After a lot of developments, JetBrains released Kotlin in an open-source and now that its development is progressively advanced, Google fully supports Kotlin for Android app development. JetBrains itself is one of the developers of one of the few programming tools (IDES) currently in adoption by Google to be used as an app development tool on Android, Android Studio.

Kotlin is a static typing programming language that runs on the JVM or using the LLVM compiler that can also be compiled into JavaScript source code. Kotlin's main developer comes from a team of JetBrains who is headquartered in Russia. The syntax Merskipun is incompatible with Java language, Kotlin is designed to work with the Java language code and relies on the Java language code of existing Java libraries, such as the various existing Java frameworks.

The developer team of JetBrains decided to name it Kotlin by taking the names of an island in Russia, as Java is named after the island of Java in Indonesia. And after Google announced that Kotlin became a first-class language for Android, so alongside Java and C++, Kotlin became the official language for developing Android apps.

Developers who use the Java programming language in their Android projects don't have to worry about the miss, as Kotlin and Java can be used at the same time. And because Kotlin is similar to Java, developers will be able to easily understand the Kotlin programming language.

Kotlin was first released in 2011 with a beta version, and then Kotlin released version 1.0 on February 15 of the year 2016 This version was officially designated as the first stable release version and JetBrains has set earlier versions of support for the long term with this version. Then the update of Kotlin version 1.1.3 on June 23, 2017 about 2 years ago. Then again Kotlin version 1.2 on November 28, 2017, by adding the sharing code feature between JVM and the JavaScript platform. And lastly, the latest current is the Kotlin version 1.3 which was released on October 29, 2018, by bringing Coroutines to asynchronous programming

Kotlin uses the Apache 2 license. The extensions that are in Kotlin are. kt/. kts. The advantages of Kotlin programming language compared to other programming languages (in this case, of course, Java), namely:
·       Concise : Kotlin can reduce the boilerplate of code or the level of complexity of the code that we commonly write when using the Java language
·       Safe : Kotlin can guarantee that any syntax that we write in a compilation process can prevent the possibility of error, such as being able to prevent NullPointerExceptions from occurring when we are coding using Java language
·       Versatile : Kotlin is as true as Java, as it is actually kotlin itself in its parent language, Java. So Kotlin can also be used in Web and mobile app development
·       Interoperable : Kotlin is not as similar as the other derivative Java language of the Scala or Clojure missal that cannot be executed simultaneously with the code we write using Java. Kotlin canis able to read the old code or libraries we use or write in Java and likewise the other way around
Yaa Maybe it's a little notion about Kotlin that I can write. Thank !!